Sharon and Andreas explore the human experience as visual storytellers, documenting ordinary people and organizations being extraordinary on film and photo.

Through their individual and learned journey’s alongside others, Sharon and Andreas have come to capture everyday magic and otherwise forgotten memories that make up what it means to be — human.



Andreas serves as a documentary photographer and filmmaker who captures the essence of being human.

He believes that storytelling is the needle that weaves humans together and inspires social change that is rooted in the goodness of humanity. He works in facilitating circles of storytelling for creating communities and empowering the human spirit with dignity, honor and beauty. He is currently training under the guidance of Zen teacher Roshi Joan Halifax as an interfaith chaplain focusing on end of life care and refugee work.



Sharon captures the raw emotion and inner beauty of natural life. Her evergreen inspiration is directly rooted in the Earth and preserving that moment - from the expression down to the very dirt her subjects are standing in - for generations to come. Sharon, inspired by the rummaging through an antique drawer of images as a child, encourages the importance of capturing memories before it’s too late.

Both Sharon and Andreas share a love of people, of advocating for the unheard or underserved, of telling the why of conscious businesses and above all: doing the human thing.

All sessions are created on location, if requested, or in studio and surrounding landscape in Loudon County, VA. Learn more here.